The Washington Park District offers a variety of tumbling and cheerleading classes for kids of all levels, and ages 3yrs to high school. We focus on having a fun learning environment where the kids can feel good about what they accomplish no matter how fast or slow they learn the skills. Whether you’re hoping to learn skills for cheerleading or just to do recreationally at home our staff will focus on making sure every student will be safe in doing their tricks both in and out of class as well as have fun and want to keep coming back for more.

The WPD has a staff full of qualified instructors who are committed to giving the students a productive learning environment and positive experience.  Fall and spring 16 week long sessions are offered along with a recital that is typically held in May. 

All students who participate in summer tumbling through the WPD will be offered first choice and given first priority to our fall classes. We offer a variety of different options throughout the summer to make it easier to fit into your busy summer schedules.


The Washington Park District offers the “WPD Elite” competitive teams for kids of all ages and levels that perform at various local events and participate in local cheerleading and tumbling competitions. Participants are split into 2-3 teams based on age and ability. The amount of practice time and competition participation also varies by team. The WPD Elite teams are coached by Tabatha Waid and WPD Staff.

Why should I join the WPD Elite ?....

The “WPD Elite” gives kids that love to tumble the opportunity to be on a team and build self confidence, strength, coordination, and a sense of accomplishment and team unity. Being a part of the competitive teams can be very challenging but also very rewarding. There is a strong focus on setting and accomplishing goals, and developing higher skill levels. Performing in front of large groups of people and receiving awards gives the kids a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

There are many benefits to joining the “WPD Elite” but it does take a greater commitment than just participating in a regular class by both the parents and the child. Participants of the teams train year round. Typically, the performing and competition season runs October through March/April with an end of the year show in May. We try to be as flexible and understanding as possible with conflicts and other commitments, but as with any other team sport by not attending a practice you are affecting all the other participants.

Who can join?....

Participants can join the “WPD Elite” teams as early as age 5-6 if they have had prior tumbling training. There will be 2-3 teams divided by age and ability. We put forth a great effort to form teams where all the children feel comfortable with the team they are on as well as are put in a spot that is going to be a good fit for them to progress individually as well.

What is the practice schedule?...

Typically, teams of kids 3-4th grade and younger will be required to attend 1 hour of team practice and also participate in at least one other park district tumbling class of your choice. Teams of kids 8th grade and younger, or at a higher ability level will be required to attend a 1.5-2 hours of team practice and at least one additional park district tumbling class of your choice.

How do I enroll?...

If you are interested in getting more information or being a part of the Elite teams, please contact Brian O'Malley, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message with the WPD Office. Team formations will begin in July and we will be accepting members through mid-August. In order to participate on a WPD Elite team, you must be a participant of the WPD summer tumbling program.


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